Firing with Compassion

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This book is for emotionally intelligent mangers who have a difficult job to do. Firing an employee, laying off a team, or delivering a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) will all go more smoothly when you're well-prepared.

Here's who this book is for:

  • Emotionally intelligent managers who are good people and care about their teams, but also have to be strong, effective leaders at work and deliver business results
  • People managers who are unsure how to prepare for difficult conversations
  • Leaders who are not sure who long a difficult meeting is supposed to last
  • Managers who don't know exactly what to say or can't figure out how to balance the employee's emotional needs with the job that must be done
  • A manager who feels they need to litigate everything that has happened before they can deliver the difficult decision

This book is a strong cup of coffee to drink the morning of or day before a difficult meeting. It will give you the strength you need to do what needs to be done.

What Are People Saying?

"Matthew is fiercely loyal, just, and kind. To work with him is to know your worth." --Samantha

"Matthew helped me achieve my goal of getting hired faster than I expected." --Marie

"All that [paid] content is career-changing. So, so glad you came across my LinkedIn home page. :) ...have never read such useful and immediately applicable content." --Amy

In this book I put the words to say right between quotation marks. Some examples:

  1. I give you the exact words that come out of my mouth first in EVERY firing conversation.
  2. I give you the words that almost every manager says in a firing conversation that I never say.
  3. I tell you what I say when an employee is crying, and how I handle emotional reactions
  4. I give you four ways to push back on your bosses and provide accountability so you know you're on the right side even when you're doing difficult things.

This is a simple and direct piece of writing that walks you through the essential things you need to know.


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Firing with Compassion

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